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What Is a Ghostwriter? All Your Questions Answered!

Ghostwriting is the process of writing for a project that will be credited to someone else. The creator in this case is called a ghostwriter, and they may complete the entire project or act as a “partial” ghostwriter who works with the publicly named author — but either way, the ghostwriter’s own name will not appear in the byline. But whatever the circumstances, rest assured that contracted ghostwriters are perfectly content with their lots: they fulfill clients’ assignments and are compensated fairly for their work, just like any other freelance writer. They may not get bylines, but they often make more than other types of freelancers, and they get to work with more interesting clients.

As a result, unlike most writers, a ghostwriter’s aim is to draw as little attention to their contributions as possible. They seamlessly adapt their writing skills to fit each client’s needs and focus on carrying out the client´s vision as that client sees fit, though they’ll also advise on content and style issues when needed.

Basically, they’re less of a ghost and more of a guardian angel. So, if you’ve been struggling to write a blog post, or anything else involving prose, a ghostwriter might be able to help you get it done!

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