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Is a ghostwritten text truly yours?

Ghostwriting offers an easy and convenient solution to the time management and writing challenges that come with content production. However, having someone else write your thoughts and ideas raises concerns because you may trust yourself more and question whether it is okay to use a ghostwriter. Is the text really yours if someone else has written it?

There is no shame in needing help or letting someone take care of the execution. The main essence of the text comes from the information and the thoughts you want to convey, and through delegation, you just give the ghostwriter the necessary material to produce a text. The writing may not be yours, but the ideas and thoughts certainly are. It is the ghostwriter’s job to write what you want to say and sound like you, but you are the one providing the building blocks to do that. You are in charge, but someone else will be carrying out your orders.

It is perfectly reasonable to order work, delegate or outsource a part of the process. It is your expertise, knowledge and/or research that are being used to create the final text. The text belongs to you and you can do whatever you want with it.

How and when you use a ghostwriter depends on you.  The more you contribute yourself, the more the text may feel like yours, but you can control the process and accept or refuse the way the ghostwriter has written your ideas. The final product is your own, including ownership and copyright – just put into words by someone else.

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